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About Wil Harris

Wilbur Roger Harris. A native of Washington, D.C. The home town legend as a child was infatuated with music and musical instruments. His father bought him his first guitar when he was 12 years old. Besides being self-taught, Wil's world-renown Uncle "jazz musician Frank Wess" paid for his first guitar lessons from "Jazz virtuoso  "Bill Harris".  As a teenager, wIL performed in the local music scene of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, (today called the DMV area), with local bands. He became quite popular there and made a huge impact and name for himself locally. Music royalty runs in Wil's family gene pool, as world-renown pianist and singer "Nina Simone" is also Wil's cousin.


Wil was later discovered by "Ramone Tiki Fulwood" the original drummer of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame band "Parliament-Funkadelic". Wil has also performed,  or recorded with the following legends of Funk, Rock, & R&B.

1. Funk house, which was Betty Davis's back up, band.

2. Mutiny, led by former P-Funk Drummer Jerome Brailey. 

3. The Chambers Brothers.

4. A new rendition of "Funkadelic", which included original members    Eddie Hazel, Billy "Bass" Nelson), with Jerome Brailey on drums.

5. R&B singer "Ricky Fante".

6. The soul icon "Isaac Hayes".



Wil's touring line up will be announced soon with the dates and venues..

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