Wil Harris music video's.

Blue Rose.


Written and produced by Wilbur Harris.
Performed by Wil Harris, Jerome Brailey, and Billy "Bass" Nelson



Blue for Jimi and Eddie, Tierra's song. ​​

Music produced and arranged by Wil Harris. Music written by Wil Harris and Jerome Brailey. Performed by Wil Harris, Preston Vismale, Emanuel "Chulo" Gatewood, and Joeham Eric. Dedicated to Tierra Harris.

                 Shake it up.

Eddie Hazel and Wil Harris live in NYC, NY. at Wetlands Club 1992.

Music Written by Wilbur Harris.

Music performed by Eddie Hazel Wil Harris, Larry Marsden, Emanuel "Chulo" Gatewood,
Glenn "Chango" Everrette.,
and Preston Vismale.